Punjab Village Farm is an effort to make the farm life of Punjab accessible to discerning travelers by offering an authentic rural experience. It aims to showcase the local life of the farming community and help conserve its heritage, culture, architecture, and cuisine.

Its architecture takes inspiration from the traditional architectural style of the land that dates back to the Harappan Civilization (3000 BC), characterized by the extensive use of mud and fire-baked bricks. The cottages are built in traditional village-style houses using fire-baked bricks, mud mortar, and plastered with the mud-straw mix. This architecture blends perfectly into the rural landscape of Punjab.

Mud bricks are the most environmentally- friendly and most abundantly-available building material in the world. Mud breathes and creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere inside the rooms in a way that concrete never can.


Punjab Village Farm is a scenic countryside farm stay situated near Gurudwara Chhota Ghalughara Sahib, about a 90-minute drive from Amritsar. Surrounded by acres & acres of working fields and many small canals, it provides a tranquil atmosphere of a home on the farm in Punjab.


Here at the farm, guests can experience the honorable life of the humble farmer sans the ruggedness that comes with it. Despite our rural setting, we take utmost care to provide all possible comforts to our guests while keeping in mind the sustainability of the local resources.


The farm stay consists of four individual cottages with attached bathrooms, a sitting cum dining room, and a kitchen. The limewashed interiors have a very charming and soothing feel to them.


Each Cottage has large windows that enable guests to enjoy uninterrupted views. There is a spacious verandah with a charpoy (traditional bed) for the guests to unwind, read, or laze around to enjoy the serenity. The bathroom has modern fixtures, yet it retains its rustic character.


Though there is a dining room in the premises, however whenever weather permits (mainly winter months) the most enjoyable meals happen outside – in the varandah, among the trees, in the sun, by the bonfire or under the stars.

We grow our own fully organic seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs in the kitchen garden on the farm. Milk, butter milk, curd and eggs etc are sourced from the villages around.

Food mainly is authentic Punjabi cuisines prepared according to the guest’s preference of spices; however, we can do little bit continental or non-Punjabi Indian on guest’s demand.