At Punjab Village Farm you will have an opportunity to visit the villages around, chit-chat with the local farmers, get a hands-on experience on the farm, explore scenic countryside and understand the socio-economic and religious side of rural Punjab.

farm walk

Farm walk

Enjoy a leisurely walk amidst the endless expanse of live farms around. Not many things are more calming than a stroll in the colourful fields, rural scenery, sounds of nature and chirping of birds. Say a loud “Sat Sri Akaal” (Greetings in Punjabi) to the farmers to hear their equally loud and warm greeting in reply with a bright smile on their faces.


Countryside cycling

Cycling through the beautiful countryside is the best way to observe the local at your own pace. There are various cycling loops to choose from, ranging from few hundred meters (in and around our farm) to few kilometres (passing through villages, crossing canals or touching Beas River).


Bullock cart ride

Bullock cart are an endangered species in Punjab. Enjoy this rare ride through the farm lands, village streets and watch the rural life in slow motion. If you are lucky, the driver of bullock cart may invite you to his house for a cup of fresh milk.

tractor ride

Tractor ride

Tractors played major role in the success of the Green Revolution in Punjab and became inseparable part of the life of Punjabi farmers. Enjoy a ride on tractor on the country back roads and visit nearby village or the Gurudwara. You may also try learn how to drive this gentle giant with the farmer as instructor by your side.


Gurudwara visit

In our opinion visiting a village Gurudwara offers you the best chance to observe religious rituals of Sikhs, essentially because of unhurried and relaxed pace of rural life. It is a real treat to sit inside the Gurudwara during the evening prayers, listening Kirtan (holy hymns) and witnessing locals coming in to offer their prayers.


Farm Yoga

Yoga and farming both are deeply connected with nature. If you practice Yoga, our farm will provide be a perfect environment for a great session. For learners, a Yoga teacher can be arranged (prior appointment needed) for a basic Yoga class.